How do I know what interior services I need?

You might not know exactly which of our services you require until our Initial Consultation meeting together and we’re able to scope out your requirements. At Bloom, we work on projects of all different scales. You might require a whole house of furniture and soft furnishings. Or perhaps you're needing your kitchen and bathrooms designed and renovated. No matter what it is, we offer a range of services from specifying paint colours and window furnishing, through to designing and decorating your whole house. Many of our clients work in phases, so what might start as a small scope, may turn into a large renovation further on.

Do you offer free consultations?

We do charge a non-refundable fee of $275 inclusive of GST for all Initial Consultations. This cost covers the time taken by our designers to visit your home, access the space and discuss the project brief. This enables us to form a project Scope of Works and Fee Proposal. We also give on the spot design advice, direction and recommendations, ensuring that the consultation is very much worth the small investment.

What’s included in the Initial Consultation meeting?

Following your initial inquiry and a follow up call from one of our designers, the next step is booking in the Initial Consultation. This appointment is usually conducted at your home or project site and typically lasts up to 1.5 hours. This is a comprehensive consultation, starting with a tour of your home or project site, where we provide valuable and expert design advice, recommendations and direction for your project. We then discuss your style and lifestyle needs, your vision (and ours), your budget, timeframe based on the scope, our design process in more detail, how we work and our fees. The Initial Consultation allows us to move to the next step in our process, providing you with a Scope of Works and Fee Proposal. To book an Initial Consultation, please submit a client inquiry form.

What are your design fees?

Our project fees start at a minimum of $5,000 inclusive of GST. We understand that each project is unique — that’s why we spend time understanding the project brief and scope at the Initial Consultation. This enables us to form a project specific Scope of Works and Fee Proposal. This fixed fee is individually calculated based upon the estimated amount of working hours of the project scope.

Do you offer discounts on furniture and accessories?

This can be a major benefit of working with an Interior Design Studio. When specifying furniture, lighting, ornaments, rugs, artwork, carpets, bathroom and kitchen products and other accessories, we endeavor to pass on a portion of our preferred industry supplier pricing benefits. These benefits vary per supplier and are at Bloom’s discretion.

Do You Work With Small Budgets?

A big part of what we do is to help our clients set a suitable budget based around their requirements. We value and appreciate that every client's lifestyle and budget is unique, and we do our best to educate you on the value of items and work towards a finished result that is within your budget constraints.

Can I order just custom window treatments and soft furnishings?

Yes! This is a service we offer through our sister brand, Bloom & Co, where we can create bespoke curtains, blinds, upholstery and cushions. For this we are happy to meet with you in your home, take measurements and design the perfect soft furnishings for you. Get in contact with us to find out more.

Can I use my existing furniture?

Absolutely. At Bloom, we embrace eclecticism and love fusing this with contemporary design. Combining treasured client pieces with new furniture is what makes a space feel like a home. While we do encourage the reuse and repurpose of some pieces, we have access to a huge catalog of furniture suppliers from around the world. As an alternative to new furniture, we sometimes recommend reupholstering tired pieces, as this can have an amazing and refreshing impact on the space.

Do you work on commercial projects as well as residential?

We sure do. As much as we love residential projects, many of our project highlights have been designing commercial spaces such as retail stores, wellness studios, holiday accommodation, bars and office suits. If you have a commercial project that you’re needing interior assistance with, we’d love to hear from you.

How do you work with trades people?

When it comes to building and renovations, we do have a contact list of trusted tradespeople including builders, plumbers, electricians, painters ect that we can refer to you for your project. However as the client, you are responsible for any contract agreements, fee negotiation and ensuring the contractors have the right documentation and qualifications to complete the work.

For larger interior design projects, we offer the service of Project Admin, where we will liaise with the engaged tradespeople throughout the project build, to ensure the design intent is maintained and executed. This includes site visits and phone/email communications with your nominated trade contacts.

When it comes to soft furnishings and window treatments, we have our own trade contacts which we use for all curtain, blind and shutter manufacturing and installation jobs, as well as reupholstery, bespoke cushions and wallpaper installation.