1. 01

    Initial Consultation

    This initial meeting between our designer/s and you, the client, is usually conducted on the project site. This consultation enables Bloom to gain a comprehensive brief for the entirety of the project and gives our designers a chance to evealuate and understand the project space and setting.

  2. 02

    Scope of Works

    Bloom consolidates the project brief into a Scope of Works & Fee document, which acts as a checklist of all the interiors to be designed and/or decorated, as well as the elements required for each. Agreeing to the proposed Scope of Works and Fee is a binding contractual agreement between the client and Bloom Interior Design.

  3. 03

    Studio Workshop

    At this meeting, you will be shown finish samples and design examples organically pulled together based on conversations during the Initial Consultation. Together with the designer, you will go through each room, giving the designer a better understanding of your style and expectations for space.

  4. 03

    Preliminary Concept

    This stage involves the designer/s developing the preliminary interior concept. This includes preliminary design documentation, sourcing of unique products, materials and furniture based upon the look and feel of the entire project.

  5. 05

    Client Presentation

    A very exciting and important step in the process for both you and the designers — at this meeting, Bloom presents the project's design & decoration concept which may include preliminary joinery documentation, floorplans, furniture concepts and finishes mood board. Feedback is encouraged at the time of the presentation and also once you've had a chance to review the concept in your own time.

  6. 06

    Design Development

    Following on from the feedback and review of the preliminary concept, the designers will work to implement the changes and edits to the design and selections. This will form the second preliminary concept which will be sent through for final client feedback and review.

  7. 07

    Documentation & Schedules

    With client approval, the designers will now develop the final design documentation and schedules. For design, this includes the final set of drawings and schedule to send for tender. A Furniture & Objects schedule may also be produced, which lists the details and costings for all furniture, accessories, soft furnishings and window treatments.

  8. 08

    Project Admin

    If included in your Scope of Works, Bloom will liaise with the engaged tradespeople throughout the project build, to ensure the design intent is maintained and executed. This includes site visits and phone/email communications with nominated trade contacts.

  9. 09

    Finishing Touches

    On the completion of the project, Bloom may be engaged to style the space with a selection of accessories to truly compliment and complete the design of the space. In some cases, Bloom may choose to photograph the project for folio or publication purposes.